2.1 channel system with Bluetooth enclosure-free speaker

It offers 105 Watt 2.1 channel system with single 55 Watt powered subwoofer and two 25 Watt satellite speakers. Each side offers 6″ midrange speaker and 1″ tweeter speaker housed in the acrylic stand to present a smart and modern look. The subwoofer contains the ported 8” speaker on left side of the box. It is designed to handle the multiple audio inputs including the Bluetooth streaming. You can enjoy its amazing sound after pairing your iPhone and tapping on the wireless controller.

2.1 Wireless Speaker System
FC60 7
FC60 6
FC60 5
FC60 4
2.1 Wireless Speaker System

Brand : microlab


2.1 Wireless Speaker System

acrylic / ABS / wooden / fabric grill / Silicone